Very Important!! I don't own anything. I am just a fan!!


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I will try to improve this site with time. I have a lot to work on it.
What I wrote about the seasons are just short versions.
Well I just wanted to tell you that at the quotes section I still have work to do.
I don't own anything.

I love to write fan Fiction. I have only written one Veronica Mars story:

Life after the Last Break Up:

  I am a real Veronica Mars fan and I would like to invite you to join me in this amazing adventure. I was so sad when I saw that they canceled the show. It's not fair to any of us. I hope that you will visit my site and help me make it better. This is the first time I created a site and my English is not that good since it is my second language.

Just something

  Welcome!!! I hope that you will like this site and visit it a lot. I will try to make it a good one. I hope that you liked Veronica and Logan together. They were a great couple, yes they had a lot of problems but I think with time they would have been able to make it. They are still young, and "scared". Veronica was scared to trust someone with her heart, soul and body after everything she's been through.  And Logan was to scared that he might lose her to her job or to someone else... He was scared that something might happen to her when she was working on a case. he loved Lilly and he lost her, he loved his mother and he lost her a s well, he loves Veronica and he was scared that he could lose her as well so he tried to protect her. They were different, they went through a lot and they are still too young and hurt by everything that happened with their families and the people they love.

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